Photo Gallery

Hall of Fame & Rainmen Game

1st Best Buddies event for Bigs and Littles! We visited the Sports Hall of Fame @ ScotiaBank Centre to play games and eat pizza! Afterwards, we went to watch the Halifax Rainmen where students from Basinview Community Drive School signed 'O Canada' in ASL.


What a fun place! Many youths came to socialize and play glow-in-the-dark bowling!

Halloween Bowling

Ooh, what a spooky event! Many youths showed up with costumes and bowled for fun! The DSP students hosted a contest for best costumes and provided food for everyone.

Ski Hill Day

It's always a fun day at Martock! We came to learn how to ski/snowboard and then spent the day on the hill having fun!

Hatfield Easter Day

We spent the day at Hatfield Farms looking at the horses and playing inside a warm playground building!

Ice Hockey

Midnight couldn't keep these youths from playing hockey! There was a big turnout and everyone had fun!

Clay Cafe

These youths painted clay mugs & bowls all day, and had lots of fun doing it!


* If you are looking for pre-2014 photos, shoot us an email and ask us for an archive file!